Where to buy E-Coins


You can purchase E-coins in these specific stores: 

  • LoadCentral [Here]
  • GameX
    • CROSSFIRE [Here] 
  • All Serve [Here]
  • 7Eleven 

Buy GameClub! Load in 7-Eleven Cliqq Machine

1. Go to the Cliqq Machine at any 7-Eleven store
2. On the touch screen, press the E-PINS > GameClub > Amount
3. Type your cellphone number (where the Card Serial Number and Card Pin will be sent) and press NEXT.
4. Tap NEXT button to print the purchase bar code.
5. Go to 7-Eleven cashier, give the printed bar code and pay the amount.
6. Wait for the text confirmation from ECPay.
7. Go to GameClub [Here] and top up your load.


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