Secret Answer and Question - Recovery Process

Note:  Never use unauthorized email account or a friends email account, if something happens in the future this will be considered Account Sharing which is not allowed in the players' policy


If you need to change your secret answer or are having problems remembering the answer, please create a ticket and follow How to submit a request and account retrieval


Please note that the CFPH Customer Support Team cannot and will not be able to provide your security answer they can only change the answer.


Effective March 17, 2020, you are only allowed to make changes in your secret answer through the support team ONCE in a lifetime. So you need to make sure NOT to share it to anyone, not even to a family member or even to your best friend


This is due to the following: 


1. We made sure that the secret answer is not visible to anyone and they won't be able to see a glimpse of the answer because it is now covered by an asterisk.


2. Once updated, it is only you who would know what your new answer would be and nobody else [Unless you will be sharing your account information, which is a violation of our Players Policy 


3. Since we've helped and updated your secret answer after March 17, 2020, this means that your account is your RESPONSIBILITY if you decide to share it, give it and inform others about your secret answer it is now your fault and we won't be able to assist you further again, nobody would be able to know your secret answer except you and the only way someone can modify this if they know your password and your current secret answer meaning you've given them your account information


4. Worried about the inspect element? If you've seen some of the videos and people who are saying that they were able to edit their secret answer using inspect element first they need access to your account and what does it mean that we've either shared the necessary information like your password to other players but all the videos are old and outdated since we've updated or system it is now impossible to do so. - THIS DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE with the most recent update we've done since March 17, 2020


Again as we've mentioned it is your responsibility to make sure that this won't be happening. If we feel that people might have a chance to acquire your password using keyloggers and other things after each game make sure to change your password. 


So keep your Information Confidential, especially your password and secret answer which you need to keep to yourself because nobody will be able to make changes to your account unless they know your password


Here are some of our secret question that you can choose from

What is your mother's maiden name?
What is your father's middle name?
What city were you born in?
What is the name of your primary school?
What is the name of your first pet?
Who was your childhood hero?
What is your favorite past-time?
What is your all-time favorite sports team?
Where did you first meet your spouse?
Who is your favorite actor/actress
Custom question [Make sure it is only composed of 20 letters maximum]


Since March 17, 2020, the feature in our website already been improved and nobody will be able to see both your secret question and answer if they were able to login to your account so nobody would be able to know your secret answer the question could be determined if they use the forgot password feature but still they won't be able to know your secret answer





Again nobody will be able to know unless the secret answer will be shared and it can only be changed once in a lifetime so before making any changes make sure the information won't be shared to anyone and that you will keep it to yourself and once updated we would like to remind you that we will not help or assist you again in making any changes or update to it.

This is one of the responsibilities that you need to take and be more vigilant with it




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