How to create a ticket


If you're having problems with your Password, Account hacked, and if you notice unfamiliar activity on your account, someone else might be using it without your permission, or your account was compromised. 


Remember:  Never use an unauthorized email account or a friend's email account, if something happens in the future this will be considered Account Sharing which is not allowed in the players' policy.


if the account is UNDER YOUR NAME just send us ALL the requirements below and will have a smoother process flow with your account


[1] PSA or NSO Birth Certificate [Original, not a photocopy]

[2] Government Issued Identification Card (List of Valid IDs)

[3] Company Identification Card or

[4] School Identification Card Front & Back (Most Recent - School Year 2019 - 2020]




Click “Submit a Request”.



Subject  –  Make sure that you have entered a correct category in the subject line


Category - There are 7 categories to choose from and please make sure that we are putting your inquiry in the right category or your account will be Permanently Suspended.


Account Banned – When your account got banned in-game without any reason.

Account Modification – When you need to change information on your account like date of birth, etc.

Account Retrieval - Change Password [Twice a Year] – Request a new password

Account Retrieval - Change Secret Answer [Once in a Lifetime] – If you wish to change your secret answer and you haven’t made any request or update

Card Code Concern or Inquiry - “misuse” automatic ban – When you wish to know what happened to the card that you purchase or would like to know where you will be able to purchase a card

Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback - ONLY FOR SUGGESTION “misuse” automatic ban – Along with our support CFPH Page, you can also voice your opinions on our official CFPH Facebook Page and our community channel [ ]

Game Bug, Event, Items and Rewards - “misuse” automatic ban – Any unexpected result from the game with missing visuals, crackling sound, undesired motion to stopping the player to proceed further in a stage, etc. Follow-up or Inquiry Game Event by CFPH Officials -, also for concerns with tools, weapons, and other notable items in the game, concerns with tools, weapons, and other notable items in the game. Game Rewards can be seen here 

Technical Inquiry - “misuse” automatic ban  – General Concern - From Game Sounds, Game Graphics, etc. We would need the following before submitting a request, please check the site 


Username You have to provide the (your) username of the account that has been compromised. Please take note that you cannot report other people’s accounts.



 In-Game Name – Your "in-game" name is your characters' names, which is being shown when you are playing and this is visible to other players. 



 First and Last NameProvide the full name in the account if it is garbled or random it should be the one indicated in our system




  Date of BirthProvide your real birth date.



 Description This is where you have to provide the complete and accurate information of the concerned account you want to resolve.



  • Make sure that we understand that we do not support or condone the creation of multiple tickets



  • Player / requester can attach their valid documents such as birth certificate, school, and government IDs for fast processing of their request.



Once submitted, you will able to see your TICKET NUMBER and STATUS.




If you have a verified email address registered with CFPH, you can reset your account password on your own [Link]



If the email address registered with your account is not verified or if the account can no longer be accessed we can follow the steps below:

1. Create a support ticket [Link]

2. It may take up to 24  to 36 hours for our Customer Support Team to get back to you depending on the number of requests received that day.

3. Please note: You must provide a reply within 5 days or your ticket will be closed.

4. After the Customer Support Team replies, please provide the necessary information they need to retrieve ownership of your account.


Failure to provide the information needed by the Support Team will decrease your chances of retrieving your account

Once proven that you have shared, traded, bought, or sold accounts with other users, you will not be assisted. So please be responsible for your account. 


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