Customer Support Rules

1.  This is the ONLY official CFPH Support page. Do not trust other pages that claim to be CFPH Support

Ito ang tanging opisyal na pahina ng Suporta sa CFPH. Huwag pinagkakatiwalaan ang iba pang mga pahina na nagsasabi na Suporta sa CFPH


2.  We will ONLY process account retrieval and secret answer modification requests from real owners (the one who created the account)

Piproseso lamang namin ang mga kahilingan sa pagkuha ng account mula sa mga tunay na may-ari (ang lumikha sa account)


3.  Please make sure to use the original email you've used to retrieve your account and if you are not able to please explain the reason why you cannot use your original email to avoid suspension of account due to the email address not showing in the account history

Mangyaring tiyakin na gamitin ang orihinal na email na ginamit mo upang makuha ang iyong account at kung hindi mo magagawang ipaliwanag ang dahilan kung bakit hindi mo magagamit ang iyong orihinal na email upang maiwasan ang pagsuspinde ng account dahil sa email address na hindi ipinapakita sa kasaysayan ng account


4. We DO NOT support account retrieval or modification requests from SHAREDTRADEDHAND-OVER, BOUGHT, and/or SOLD ACCOUNT Please refer to the End Users License Agreement, Players Policies and Terms Of Service

Hindi namin sinusuportahan ang mga kahilingan sa pag-retrieve ng account mula sa Ibinahagi, Hand-Over, Nabiling, at / o Ibinenta ang mga kahilingan sa pagkuha ng Account. Mangyaring sumangguni sa Kasunduan sa Lisensya ng Mga User ng End [EULA], MGA PATAKARAN NG MAGLARO at Mga Tuntunin ng Serbisyo


5. We will NEVER ask you for your PASSWORD

Hindi namin hihilingin sa iyo ang iyong password


6. We will NEVER ask or accept payment for any customer support requests.

Hindi namin hihilingin o tanggapin ang pagbabayad para sa anumang mga kahilingan sa suporta sa customer.


7. We DO NOT process account "PASSWORD" retrieval requests more than TWICE A YEAR  especially once your account secret answer has been modified and you are the only one who knows it, you can retrieve it on your own and this is also for the security of your account which is always in your hands.

HINDI namin pinoproseso ang pagkuha ng account o mga kahilingan sa pagbabago nang higit sa TWICE A YEAR dahil sa sandaling mabago ang iyong lihim na sagot sa account at ikaw lamang ang nakakaalam nito at ang iyong password, maaari mong mai-rertieve ito sa iyong sarili at ito rin ay para sa seguridad ng iyong account na palaging nasa iyong mga kamay. 


8. If you CANNOT provide the INFORMATION or DOCUMENTS we require to support your claim we won't be able to process your request. Please DO NOT  send any FAKE or FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS  this will ban you automatically

Kung hindi mo maibigay ang impormasyon o mga dokumentong kailangan namin upang suportahan ang iyong claim hindi namin maproseso ang iyong kahilingan. Mangyaring HUWAG magpadala ng anumang mga pekeng o FALSIFIED DOKUMENTO na ito ay awtomatikong ban ka


9. We may DENY support to anyone who submits a FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS and may permanently be suspended on the CFPH support site.

Maaari naming tanggihan ang suporta sa sinuman na nagsusumite ng mga huwad na dokumento, at maaaring permanenteng suspindihin sa site ng suporta ng CFPH.


10.  We can update your secret answer ONCE since we've made changes and update last March 17, 2020,  it is now impossible for anyone to know your secret answer, all the letters has an asterisk on it and  Inspect Element does not work anymore with our recent update, so if you will be sharing this information to other people this is already considered account sharing which is a violation of the PLAYER POLICIES again we won't be able to assist you further once the secret answer already been updated March 17, 2020, onwards.

Maaari naming i-update ang iyong mga lihim na sagot kapag nakagawa na kami ng mga pagbabago at update huling Marso 17, 2020, ito ngayon ay imposible para sa sinuman na malaman ang iyong lihim na sagot, ang lahat ng mga titik ay may asterisk sa ito at siyasatin ang elemento ay hindi na gumagana sa aming kamakailang update, kaya kung ikaw ay pagbabahagi ng impormasyong ito sa ibang mga tao na ito ay itinuturing na pagbabahagi ng account na kung saan ay isang paglabag ng mga patakaran ng PLAYER muli namin ay hindi maaaring makatulong sa iyo kaagad na ang lihim na sagot ay naisunod-sa-panahon Marso 17, 2020, onward.


11. Due to the pandemic, it might take us more time to be able to respond and support may take 1 to 3 days 

Dahil sa pandemya, maaaring tumagal sa amin ng mas maraming oras upang magawang tumugon at ang suporta ay maaaring tumagal ng 1 hanggang 3 araw


12. You only need (1) ONE TICKET, Since nobody can follow and understand the meaning of creating more than 1 ticket, multiple tickets will now be automatically be SUSPENDED, now more warning because we've tried it for two months and it doesn't work and no matter what username you indicated as long as you created more than 1 ticket you will be automatically SUSPENDED - so please check your personal email

ONE ACCOUNT AT A TIME; DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE TICKET FOR MULTIPLE USERNAME [Once done with one account, we can move on to the others but do not send multiple tickets using different email or account, we will find out once you submit your document for verification, so let us work with one account at a time thank you!


13. If you feel you have received a penalty in error, please visit our Players Abuse Policy  before creating a ticket make sure that we understand what we would be needing to assist you further for Account Ban

Kung sa palagay mo ay nakatanggap ka ng parusa nang mali, mangyaring bisitahin ang aming Patakaran sa Pag-abuso sa Mga Player bago lumikha ng isang tiket siguraduhin na nauunawaan namin kung ano ang kakailanganin naming tulungan ka pa para sa Account Ban


Be respectful to all players

Maging magalang sa lahat ng mga manlalaro




* Harassment or Defamatory remarks
* Creating multiple tickets
* Do NOT send us a blank ticket or blank follow-up, your account will get SUSPENDED
* Using any third-party tools to give you an unfair advantage
* Sharing, Trading, Buying & Selling your account with others
* Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter Personal abuse or attacks
* Impersonating a Game Master is against our policies for a player to do so [That is why we do not allow anyone to use or tag their names with GM on it]
* Insults or derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference
* Insults towards CFPH Staff (including GM’s)
* Death threats and other threats of violence in real life, directed towards either other users or members of CFPH staff
* Impersonation of the CFPH Administration or GM
* Images that display illegal content, pornography, nudity, gratuitous violence and any other content that goes against the standards
* Inappropriate reply, sending the blank response, garbled response, giving Card Code with covered PIN and unable to verify identification card [like adding or putting markers not to see the date of birth, etc - The reason why you get automatically ban is due to prolonging the process and not following rule number 8

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