Discounted Card Code Support Guide


To Our Valued Players,

It has come to our attention that there were discounted Card Code in the market

Example:  P1,000 worth of Card Code being sold for below P900.

If you have purchased the Card Code at the extraordinarily discounted prices mentioned above (P1,000 worth of e-Coins sold for below P900.) We would like to ask for your support and cooperation by providing us the following information

Subject: Discounted Card Code

Category: Payment Concerns

1. Username

2. Denomination(s) bought (ex. 1 pc 1,000 Card Code or 10 pcs 100 Card Code)

3. The price paid for the epins (ex. P1,000 Card Code bought for P900.)

4. Date

5. Amount topped-up (ex. 1,000 e-Coins topped-up to account)

6 . Source of Card Code purchase


This is to validate the source of the Card Code and is in no way would cause harm to your account. We believe that this matter will be addressed soon through your cooperation. 


Thank you for your continuous support and understanding!


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