My account has been stolen




Hacking - To provide players with a better gaming environment, we will strictly punish all players found to be responsible for stealing an account.

Players may also be punished for purposely allowing an account to be hacked, falsely claiming an account to be stolen, or assisting in the theft of an account. Players may be asked for certain information while an investigation for an account is on going.


Sharing and Trading - Your account is where your characters, items, and other data are stored. Someone who has access to the password for an account is free to access characters, inventory, and all other aspects of your account information. If someone logs into an account using the valid password, changes made to the characters or account information may not be reversible, nor is CFPH liable for any damage that occurs.


To inquire about your stolen / hack account, you must first create an alternate account on our support page


From here, you must log in to your alternate account at the top of the screen and then submit a ticket explaining your issue in detail.


Once you submit a ticket, please DO NOT submit another one as this will delay our response time for the ticket.

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