Multiple Account Retrieval


1. First go to the support site, click here  and sign in



 2. Click “Submit a Request”




3. In the Category - Choose Multiple Retrieval




4. In the Description Field - Make sure to indicate the following:


Username 1: _____________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________
Secret Answer: ___________________________________

Username 2: _____________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________
Secret Answer: __________________________________

Username 3: ____________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________
Secret Answer: _________________________________


5. Once submitted, you will able to see your TICKET NUMBER and STATUS.



Once submitted, you will receive an auto-response that you have successfully sent your email and the agent is now reviewing it.



You only need (1) ONE TICKET, the more ticket you send with the same concern or case, the more it gets your ticket on the bottom of our queue.



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