Self Help - Account Recovery

 Note:  Never use unauthorized email account or a friends email account, if something happens in the future this will be considered Account Sharing which is not allowed in the players' policy


Step 1: Go to the  Member login page here, click on Forgot Password?




 Step 2:  Let's put in Username and hit the next step



 Step 3:  The system will prompt you to enter either your email address (verified) or your Q&A and Date of Birth



 Step 4:  If you choose Email, it will automatically send an email once you click on the next step



 Step 5:  After which it will confirm and verify that it already send a new password to your verified email address in our system, hitting confirm will bring you back to the main page



Step 6:  If you choose in your question & answer and birthday just click on the options button and click next step



Step 7:  Here you need to input the RIGHT ANSWER on your secret question and your REAL DATE OF BIRTH based on your documents provided.



Step 8:  After inputting the right information on your registered date of birth and answer to your secret question just hit confirm



Step 9:  Once confirmed you will be able to add and replace your account with a new password and after you've saved it that will be your new password





If you need help to change or update your Secret Answer see details here 

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