Not receiving the password reset email

Please check the following if you are not receiving the password reset email:

- Is your registered email address entered correctly?
- Did you enter an email address different from your registered one?
- Are you trying to send the password reset email repeatedly within a short period of time?


Note: You may not be able to receive the password reset email properly if you repeatedly sent a request for it. Please wait over 24 hours before sending a request again.


 - Check your email through the email provider’s web page
 - Has the email been delivered to your spam, junk, or other folders?
 - Do you have spam filters in place that block emails with URLs or that were sent from a PC? If so, please disable them.
 - Set up a filter, add us to your Contacts List, or add us to your email's "Safe Sender" list.

The following are examples of email addresses that do not comply:

Addresses with a dot (.) right before the @ symbol:
Addresses with consecutive dots (.):
Addresses that begin with a hyphen (-):


If this article does not help, you should create a ticket and give us more details so we can see what is happening.


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