Username Vs In-Game Name [IGG]


Clarification and information with the difference of your CF Username and CS In-Game Name



The username is "Not visible to other players." - meaning that it is only you who knows it. The username is used to log into the website and My Info and is never publicly visible. It's almost another layer of security for your account.

Your username is the unique account name or account ID you use to log into our MEMBER LOGIN

The username is permanent and we DO NOT update nor change this one like what was mentioned earlier, this is not visible to anyone but with you


In-Game Name

Your "in-game" name is your characters' names, which is being shown when you are playing and this is visible to other players. 


Please see details below on how to change or update your In-Game Name

Step 1

Log in to your account and go to "Item Shop"


Step 2

Click on "Item" and look for "Change Code Name" 

Amount: 50 EC


Step 3

After purchasing the item, go to your storage and look for the item, namely "Change Code Name" and click USE


Step 4

The system will now ask you to enter a new code name or In-Game Name


Step 5

After entering the new code, the system will verify if the code name is available or not


Step 6

After entering and confirming the system will bring you back to the back to the server selection after successfully changing the name



Now, you are now set and ready to be able to use your new in-game name and this will be the only one that will be seen by other players in public





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