Unofficial CFPH Page and Phishing Site


Please double check first if you are on the official Crossfire PH website first before transacting or putting any information to avoid getting your account hacked and your top-up card is stolen.


Again we encourage everyone to only enter their account or top-up card information on the official website of Crossfire PH Official website link:


If the site is going to ask for your username and password, think twice because nobody should ask for your username and password.

Sample Site: 

Phishing site sample: 


You can help us by reporting those websites that are claiming to be official CFPH Websites and will be asking for your login information, send us a ticket so that our Technical Team can bring those sites down


Moving forward try to load your Card Code in-game, this is safer, 


This is our game and we rule over it, no to scammers

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