Causes for Ticket Suspension

 If you get to see this



The following lists are the possible descriptions in which your account has got suspended

- Detected as email loop

- Detected as spam [MULTIPLE TICKET]

- Detected email as being from a system user

- Email authentication failed

- Email is too large

- Failed email authentication

- Malware detected

- Permission denied for unknown email submitter


Here you will be able to see the reasons why your account was suspended and for you to know you need to check your personal email address or the email address that you've used

Please make sure to check your SPAM Folder [For your security we disabled links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam.]


* Harassment or Defamatory remarks
* Creating multiple tickets
* Do NOT send us a blank ticket or blank follow-up, your account will get SUSPENDED
* Using any third-party tools to give you an unfair advantage
* Sharing, Trading, Buying & Selling your account with others
* Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter Personal abuse or attacks
* Impersonating a Game Master is against our policies for a player to do so [That is why we do not allow anyone to use or tag their names with GM on it]
* Insults or derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference
* Insults towards CFPH Staff (including GM’s)
* Death threats and other threats of violence in real life, directed towards either other users or members of CFPH staff
* Impersonation of the CFPH Administration or GM
* Images that display illegal content, pornography, nudity, gratuitous violence and any other content that goes against the standards
* Inappropriate reply, sending the blank response, garbled response, giving Card Code with covered PIN and unable to verify identification card [like adding or putting markers not to see the date of birth, etc - The reason why you get automatically ban is due to prolonging the process and not following rule number 7



Sample photo from your personal email



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