How to take the perfect ID/Document Selfie


Note: Never use unauthorized email account or a friends email account, if something happens in the future this will be considered Account Sharing which is not allowed in the players' policy


We would like for our players to be able to get back into the game as soon as possible that is why we would be needing everyone's cooperation so that it would be an easier and faster transaction for your account modification, retrieval, and secret answer update


This is one way to be able to determine that nobody is pretending to be you or was able to get hands-on your old selfie for account retrieval or update that is why we might ask a most recent photo with today's date rather than using the old selfie


If we would be able to follow the proper guideline on how to send your perfect ID/Document selfie a breeze


Here are the steps

1. ID and Documents should be held close to your chest or face

2. On a blank piece of white paper write today’s date and your ticket number.

3. Fingers should not be covering any text from the document, numbers or photos on the identification card

4. Face, ID and Documents should be visible and clear, not blurry [We don't want to keep asking for a clear copy of your selfie right?]







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