Reporting a Player

Instead of creating a ticket for this type of issue and after having the necessary document and information you can go directly to the [Cheaters Caught On Cam - CFPH OFFICIAL FORUM SITE]  ( file a report. They have a specific thread dedicated to this type of concern.


How can I view and save my games?


1. You need to check if you have to save replays. Go to options and check the "Save" options in the Misc tab


2. After you check the "save" option, play a game and let it end. When it ends, you'll see this button on the bottom right of your CF screen:


3. Then it will show you this, click OK to save the replay:



How to watch your replays:


1. Open the Storage in the top of your CF screen and click it, then it will show this:


2. Click on Replay and it will show this


3. Now select a replay you want to watch and click "replay" and you'll see the game you played

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